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Ghost Walk / Ghost Talk

This special event will be a combination of favorite elements from past Ghost Walk, Ghost Talk and Meet the Spirits events.

October event. Click here for tickets: https://www.eleoonline.net/Pages/WebForms/Mobile/ShowFormMobile.aspx?id=b8293cc3-0c03-4958-9bb7-8dcf564785cc&linkto=881

Highlights will include:

  • Meet the ghosts of notable Gold Hill residents buried in the Gold Hill Cemetery
  • Tour the Gold Hill Museum (formerly the Bluebird Chapel)
  • Visit the Bluebird Lodge (originally the Mines/Wentworth Hotel)
  • Enjoy a meal at the Gold Hill Inn (originally the Bluebird Dining Hall)
  • Other points of interest in Town – you never know what ghosts will show up!


When gold was discovered in Gold Run in January 1859, word spread like wild-fire and “Fiftyniners” flocked to the area to seek their fortunes. The town of Gold Hill became the first mining camp in Colorado, and Boulder was founded a month later to support the mines in Gold Hill. In 1872 the town moved to its current site when a rare mineral Tellurium was discovered and a second burst of mining activity supported a thriving community, including a 3-story luxury hotel. In 1922 the hotel was purchased by a group of women dubbed “The Bluebirds” dedicated to providing retreats for young working women from the factories of Chicago…the Bluebird Lodge has been restored and can be visited during the Ghost Walk at Gold Hill tour. The town has gone through booms and busts, but today stands as one of the finest Historic Districts in the state.

Visitors will learn and explore its history at Historic Boulder’s special event in and around Gold Hill’s historic district – Just 10 miles up in the mountains above Boulder!

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