Preservation Projects

Historic Boulder is currently involved in a wide array of preservation advocacy projects. Here are some of note:


Midland Savings / Atrium Building

In 2015 Historic Boulder initiated the process to establish this property as a landmark. Seven years later the City Council approved the landmarking of this historically and architecturally significant property

Bandshell property

Bandshell property

In 1995, Historic Boulder members supported the landmarking of the fabulous bandshell in Central Park

Harvest Hotel

Harvest Hotel

There is a plan by an out- of-state developer to demolish this historic and architecturally notable building and replace it with apartments targeted for CU students


Boulder Theater

Historic Boulder has a long history in the preservation of this remarkable Art Deco entertainment property in the heart of downtown Boulder

Valmont School

Valmont School

Opened in 1911, this is the second schoolhouse that was constructed to serve the village of Valmont. Historic Boulder has been providing logistical assistance to the current private owners to stabilize the building so it does not continue to deteriorate


9-Mile Monuments

Two sandstone pillars were built in 1928 as a memorial to those that served in World War I. Expansion of the roads is putting them in danger. Historic Boulder is assisting the Rotary Club, that is taking the lead to come up with a plan to save these monuments

Jones-stage stop

Tommy Jones Stagecoach stop

Historic Boulder is teaming with the County Historic preservation office to prevent this very old structure from collapsing.

The African American Neighborhood

Boulder African American Neighborhood

Historic Boulder has been leading a collaborative effort to document the pioneering African American families in central Boulder.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

Winston Churchill

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