Civic Park Historic District

Historic Boulder Inc. is part of a coalition of preservation groups that have nominated the neighborhood around Central Park as the 11th Historic District in Boulder. The city is beginning a design study to re-imagine this civic area of town, and this nomination will ensure that preservationists are included in the upcoming discussions about said redesign. This is an incredibly important nomination and is one of our top advocacy priorities here at Historic Boulder Inc.!

Why Historic District designation?

Historic district designation recognizes areas of historic, architectural, and/or environmental significance, and provides protection through city-managed design reviews to ensure that future changes in the district are sensitive to the historic character. This proposed district is unique and significant, and making it the 11th Historic District in Boulder will help ensure that it stays that way!

Civic Park District History

This proposed district is unique and significant.  The historic properties here tell an almost continuous story of the historic evolution of Boulder from the indigenous inhabitants to today. Grouping these properties under one Historic District designation would illustrate the following timeline of the history of Boulder which occurred in this area, click each time period to learn more!

Historic District Designation Benefits

  • Officially recognizing the important historic contributions of this neighborhood would give this area a fresh appeal. It would encourage citizens to return to the Central Park area, which could create a demand for more public celebrations and cultural events.
  • Historic tourism would increase, bringing in more money to the local economy. Currently 6 of the top 10 most visited tourist sites in Boulder are historic locations.
  • It is an opportunity to begin to envision this neighborhood as the keystone to the redevelopment of this part of the Civic Center of Boulder, linking the Pearl Street Mall to the University along 13th Street.
  • Creating this historic district would enable advocates for historic preservation to be included in the conversations about the future developments in this neighborhood.

Our Mission

In 2018 the city finalized an official statement committing to landmarking historic properties owned by the city, such as those in this proposed district. In 2022 the Boulder City Council discussed the potential of this historic district and asked the city planning staff to move forward with the steps to explore this historic designation. Most of the properties defined within the proposed boundaries of the district are already landmarked. Their historical, architectural, and social significance is well documented.

The one property not yet landmarked is Central Park. Boulder was significantly changed by the creation of this park, built according to the design ideas of the famous Olmsted Brothers landscape company. It created a natural and civic-oriented sense-of-place instead of the expansion of the area as the industrial center of town.

Historic Boulder Inc. asks for your support for the designation of this neighborhood as the 11th official landmark historic district in Boulder. You can help by spreading the word and sending a brief message of your support to the Office of the Preservation Planners here:

With your help we can work together to accomplish this Civic Park Historic District, and benefit the citizens of Boulder for years to come!

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